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GEOBIZ has developed a premiere spatial data product for commercial use in Vietnam. It has evolved from simple beginnings to what is now a true GIS base dataset, suitable for integration into any type of location-based application or digital mapping environment.

The STREETWORKS road network dataset began in 1998 – with existing 1:10,000 road centreline data for the five major cities of Vietnam. Every year, additional roads were added by the use of GPS (as tracked from the backs of motorbikes). Minor roads and laneways were included – along with their names (stored in both English and Vietnamese fonts).

By 2003, the major roads were further attributed with street addresses (left and right; to and from). This expansion of the dataset was intended for use in geocoding and address-matching modules of most modern GIS applications.

The original road network was confined to inner urban districts of the five cities. In 2004, the areal extent of the dataset was increased to include the outer districts as well.

As shown in the image on the left, the seven outer districts of Ho Chi Minh City are shaded in yellow. They surround the inner 12 districts.


By the close of 2004, it became apparent that, after years of modification and continuous updating, the original road network data was positionally inaccurate. By the use of heads-up digitizing of high-resolution satellite imagery, the road network was re-positioned. The image on right shows the old road data in contrast to the satellite image (the GEOBIZ office in lovely down-town Hanoi).


As a result, the new STREETWORKS dataset can now be used in a variety of different applications. Accurate and up-to-date digital base maps can be integrated with GPS and PDA applications (such as GBM Mobile) and online Location Service Providers (such as Champion Wireless).

The difference between the old dataset and the new STREETWORKS dataset can be viewed in the image on the left (it is situated near the Old Quarter and Lake Hoan Kiem in Hanoi – the red roads are the re-aligned older blue roads).

The STREETWORKS dataset is now a mature and reliable data product – we invite you to test it. Please contact the following person to arrange a live demonstration:

Wayne Tinlin,
Managing Director,
8 / 42 Lieu Giai St., Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Mobile: 090 4062 999

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