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What Is Location Intelligence?

How Does It Work?

GeoBiz, leaders of Location Intelligence in Vietnam, can show you.  Visit our website at to see the map of ATM outlets in Hanoi.  It was produced from address information that was contained in you and your competitor's brochures

Read the rest of this message to see how easy it is for your business to use Location Intelligence………

DAY ONE  GeoBiz visited all banks in Hanoi and obtained brochures that listed the addresses of all their respective ATMs within the city

DAY TWO  GeoBiz entered these addresses into a spreadsheet and then matched them to the street addresses of the StreetWorks dataset - maps were produced in MapInfo

DAY THREE  GeoBiz visited all the ATMs identified in the map and took photos of them

 DAY FOUR  GeoBiz linked the photos to the ATM locations on the map - click on them in the web maps to view them

 Now you can see where ATMs are located in Hanoi and also what they look like

 both yours and your competitors.  The same process can also be used for

 identifying where all your customers are, how often they use the ATMs and the

 volume of transactions that are conducted at each ATM.

What GeoBiz did in four days, so can you - using MapInfo and StreetWorks.  To find out more, please contact Geobiz's Marketing Department at:

- Tel: +84.4. 762 9224

- Fax: +84.4. 8325933

Or you can call contact directly to:

Mrs Thuy at 098 360 8890, email:

and Ms Hue at 0913. 043748, email:

 To use the web map on our website: onto any ATM on the main map - it will open up a zoomed-in map of    the selected ATM

   2. click onto any of the ATMs in the zoomed-in maps to view the photo of it

   3.Click 'BACK'  to return to the main map

To find more information, please download 5 following pages:

Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4


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