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Creating a Bivariate Thematic Map

A bivariate thematic map uses point or line objects to represent two variables. For instance, a colored circle could represent a particular company while the size of the circle would represent the number of orders for that company. There are, however, limitations to this type of thematic mapping:

1.Only works with point objects.

2.At least one of the maps must be based on a numeric variable.

3.Type of thematics are limited to: 2 Ranged OR 1 Ranged and 1 Individual.

In the following example, the table CUSTOMER will be shaded by company name and then by ranged amount of sales.

First Map: Individual Thematic Map of CUSTOMER based on Company Name.

1.Open the table that you are working with. (File > Open Table > CUSTOMER.TAB)

2.Create the first thematic map for company name. (Map > Create Thematic Map > Individual)

At step 3 of 3 (Preview) select OK

This will leave you with thematically shaded points and a single legend (above).

Second Map: Ranges based on Order Amount.

1.Create the second ranged thematic map. (Map > Create Thematic Map > Ranges) This map will be created on the numeric variable ORD_AMT.


2.At step 3 of 3, click on Styles, then click on <<OPTIONS. In the APPLY section, select the size option.
Click OK and then OK again to leave Step 3 of 3.


The resulting bivariate thematic map displays the company by color and the order amount by the size of the circle.




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