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Using Expressions for Labeling

Often it is desirable to create a label for an object with information that is contained in multiple columns. The best way to achieve this functionality is to create an expression that defines the label.

1.To create an expression, choose MAP > LAYER CONTROL>LABEL. In the Label With section, select Expression from the Label with pull down. At this point you are ready to enter your expression.

2.The following examples are based on the CUST browser that is pictured below.
You would substitute the names of your columns in place of the column names in the examples.

3.A string constant can be added to a column's contents to clarify the meaning of a label. The string constant must be contained by quotation marks. A plus sign is used to concatenate the text objects. EXPRESSION: "Total Sales: "+Amount This example will print the words "Total Sales" and a colon and the value in the Amount column

4.A multiple line label can be created by adding a carriage return to the expression at the point where you want the next line to begin. The carriage return is represented as CHR$(13) in an expression.

EXPRESSION: Name+chr$(13)+Amount

This example will print the name value with the amount value directly under it.

5.The two techniques above can be combined to form very descriptive labels.

EXPRESSION: "Name: "+Name+chr$(13)+" Sales: "+Amount

This example demonstrates one method of combining plus signs and carriage returns in an expression.

Name: Cindy
Sales: 758412

More information about creating expressions can be found in the MapInfo Reference Manual, Appendix E: Creating Expressions, pages 377 to 402

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