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In the nearly ten years that the GEOBIZ team has been selling MapInfo in Vietnam, we have seen MapInfo used in a variety of different ways – in a number of different locations. Who are these users? How do they use this product? What benefits do they provide?

The answer to these penetrating and intriguing questions forms the content of these pages. By showcasing a different user each month, we wish to provide an extensive profile of our MapInfo clients in Vietnam. Any application of MapInfo products will be reviewed; any type of user will be studied.

And, in order, to attract as wide and interesting range of min-case studies as possible, we have launched a competition. Please follow the link to find out more details.

CASE STUDY: Tuyen Quang Forest Protection Department

Introduction and Situation
Tuyen Quang Forest Protection Department (FPD) is one of the largest administrative agencies in the province. Their main responsibility is to manage and protect more than 58,800ha forest in the province, ensuring that the forest is used according to national guidelines.


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