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DATASET “Socio-economic statistical data of 631 rural districts”
COVERAGE Whole of Vietnam
SCALE 1:100,000
SOURCE Digitized from hardcopy 1:100,000 topographical maps
CURRENCY 2000 / 2001
RELIABILITY As published by Statistical Publishing House - 2002
ATTRIBUTES 10 groups of indicators (see overleaf)
DISTRICT STATISTICS 2000 2001 2000/2001
Population - Male y y y
Population - Female y y y
Population - Working Age y y y
Livestock (Tonnage) y y y
Forest (Hectares) y y y
Fisheries (Tonnage) y y y
Establishments – State Owned y y y
Establishments – Non State Owned y y y
Establishments – Foreign Invested y y y
Industrial Output – (Million Dong) y y y
Telephones - Number y y y
Telephones - Per 100 People y y y
Enterprises - Trade, Service and Tourism y y y
Enterprises - Private y y y


“Up to now, Vietnam has maintained traditional administrative arrangement as follows” (1) Provinces and cities belong directly to central authorities; (2) District, urban towns and cities belong directly to provincial authorities; (3) Communes, precincts and rural towns. Although this arrangement has existed for long time, statistical information disseminated have reflected only natural features, potentiality as well as actual situation and socio-economic trends of provinces and cities that belong directly central authorities. Therefore, there is a lack of detail statistics of districts, communes, precincts and rural towns. To overcome above situation, the Statistics Publishing House would like to introduce the book entitled “Socio-economic statistical data of 631 rural districts, districts, towns and cities under direct authorities of provinces in Vietnam”, compiled by group of authors, of which doctor Tran Hoang Kim is chief author and bachelor Nguyen Thi Ngoc Van is translator.

The book contains 2384 pages, including indicators quantized on scale, actual situation and socio-economic trends of 631 districts, cities and towns in 2000 and 2001, to transitional years between the 20th century as well as between the 2nd millennium and the 3rd millennium. The information in the book are presented in ten groups of indicator: (1) Number of communes, precincts and rural towns; (2) Natural land area; (3) Population, population density and number of labours in working ages; (4) Production of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery; (5) Production of Industry; (6) Trade and Services; (7) Education; (8) Health; (9) Infrastructure and commune and precinct services; (10) State budget. Additionally, numerous concise pages on geographic position, topography features, natural land area, famous landscapes, population structure, humans characteristics, developmental history and administrative arrangement of each province and city in particular and of the country in general are included.”

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