GEOBIZ can assist your organization to utilize spatial technology and integrate it with existing tabular databases. It achieves this by three main methods. They are (in sequence of implementation):

GEOBIZ will convert your address-based information into points on a digital map. These points will be coded with your unique business codes. This positioning of points is achieved by a series of automatic and manual processes that GEOBIZ has used with considerable success since 1999. We confidently guarantee 95% success rate to all corporate clients who use our service.

Once points have been created, a spatial database is supplied to the client. The database consists of road networks, points of interest, hydrology (i.e. lakes & rivers) and administrative boundaries. If necessary, GEOBIZ can also digitize sales territory boundaries. Additionally, GEOBIZ can also create the necessary maps that have been identified by the user. These maps can range from the operational level (eg. daily journey maps for sales reps) to tactical maps (eg. sales distribution maps for area managers) to strategical maps (eg. YTD vs LYTD maps for regional managers)

GEOBIZ has been training GIS and MapInfo Professional to clients in Vietnam since 1996. We have a team of highly skilled trainers who have conducted training in over twenty different provinces, as well as in Cambodia and Laos. Our local consultants are also highly experienced in conducting User Needs Assessments (UNAs) and Functional Requirement Studies (FRS), as well as IT and Network Integration Consultancy

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