Parallel to the process of address-matching, there should be an initial period of consultancy which ideally should be conducted in the client's offices. The purpose of this consultancy would be to perform the following activities:

1. Establish GIS Data Warehouse structure - an extensive collection of all the different types of datasets that will be used by the client in the course of its implementation of GIS

2. Establish integration of address-matched outlets with the client's databases - ensure that there is a seamless linkage

3. Determine the appropriate types of maps for all levels of users (i.e. operational, tactical and strategic)

4. Once the linkages are in place and mapping requirements determined, the next objective will be to prepare a series of queries (using MapInfo SQL) and store them in the appropriate MapInfo workspaces. These workspaces can then be used, in turn, to produce a wide variety of different maps.

5. Development of the appropriate map layouts

Once these activities have been conducted, mapping can be done in two ways. The first way is for the work to be conducted in GEOBIZ offices and then the maps supplied to the client as a deliverable. The alternative is for GEOBIZ to conduct training and help to develop the internal capacity of the client to process their own data and produce their own maps.

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