Given the various data recording practices used by different companies, it is common that only about 50% of a corporate client's database will likely be automatically matched in the “First Pass” or first automatic database matching attempt.
GEOBIZ experience with previous projects of this nature, conducted in Vietnam for clients such as BAT, Coke, Fosters and Astra Zeneca, has shown this 50% level to be a reliable estimate for first pass data matching.
In all previous projects, all database matching issues were resolved.
The most common reasons for database mismatches are...
Null Records - outlet database contains no address information, illogical or inconsistent recording of outlet address information. This is solved by systematic manual (usually office based) address matching that is conducted area by area and often in collaboration with client’s area sales manager or the like. Solution will address and solve any systematic data recording issues in client databases and thus help internal efficiencies.
Problems of Association - in situations where street name or number is not available, a common practice is to provide a description of the outlets location such as “next to or opposite a famous landmark, building, school etc..." This is solved by agreeing on method of description to be used with the client and then altering the database accordingly. Field checks are often required to do this.
Addresses not Matching – occurs when the actual addresses recorded for the same outlets in both databases, do not match. This is due to several reasons:

a) Records in databases are too old or redundant
b) Street-names and addresses have been changed or
c) Some customers / clients are still using old address for record-keeping / consistency purposes. Field checks are often required to resolve this issue.

Time Period Issues - databases collected at different periods of time mean that some outlets close or relocate. This issue is easily solved by agreeing on the time period of the databases to try and match, then altering databases outside this time period at later date.

Street addresses for outer districts are relative - they often do not have specific numbers and names)

Address-Matching Validation
All of the above internal issues are resolved as much as possible in collaboration with the client. A further round of manual address-matching is conducted by GEOBIZ, after which time it then

becomes necessary to validate the newly created mapped outlet database. This practice requires that the various assigned supervisors and/ or sales reps work directly with a GEOBIZ technician. They will check on the digital map of their sales territory (using MapInfo) and resolve any problems associated with each non-A/M entry. The GEOBIZ technician will directly update into the map database with the sales rep confirming all changes.

After all these steps are undertaken, a 90 - 95% accuracy is the target level for matched databases

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