GEOBIZ is a Vietnamese owned Joint Stock Company with foreign partnership. Our mission is to be the leading GIS and MapInfo Solution Provider to Vietnam and to the rest of the world. The company’s core competencies are highly-skilled and professional staff with more than eight years of experience implementing GIS technology.
GEOBIZ’s vesatility resides in our ability to provide managers and decision-makers with the means for visualizing their existing data in a spatial context. Whether people are working for government, NGOs, industry or commercial organizations, GEOBIZ can help organizations use spatial data analysis to better serve customers, make better business decisions, and manage assets and operations more effectively. Organizations can access this technology and deploy information to all those who need it, via the web (or any other networked configuration) in less time and at lower costs than ever before.


GEOBIZ is MapInfo's official distributor and has a large and dynamic network of other Vietnamese companies, who are also associate partners of MapInfo. Each partner is a leader in their own fields of IT deployment. They have chosen to be part of our network because they recognize the strengths and benefits of being a MapInfo partner.

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